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How to clean EGO-C atomizer head?

The eGo-C atomizer will be dirty after a long time vaporing. It needs cleaning. BestEcig will show you how to clean your EGO-C atomizer. the eGo-C atomizer unit consists of three separate parts: the atomizer head, the cone cover and the base, And an atomizer head is the core element of the eGo-C atomizer, owing to the fact that it is the responsibility of the atomizer head to produce rich and pleasing vapors, so for cleaning the eGo-C atomizer, you only need to clean the eGo-C atomizer head.

Step 1: Take off the eGo-C atomizer head from the atomizer unite.

Step 2: Put the eGo-C atomizer head in the alcohol for 24 hours.

Step 3: Take off the atomizer from the alcohol and fling it,thrown away the alcohol.

Step 4: Put it in the eGo-C atomizer again, the cleaning has been finished.

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