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How to use changeable eGo-C F8 e-cigarette and how to change the eGo-C atomizer head.

          The eGo-C F8 is changeable system e-cigarette, the more reliabbility and convenience. eGo-C F8 is made as a new design changeable system as anyone can easy to check the atomizer directly, and if the atomizer needs to be cleaned or mechanical problems occur as the atomizer have been separate as people can diagnosis by himself. So people can change the question atomizer and keep the atomizer clean which likes the new one. The average to heavy user can get 6 to 8 hours of use from a fully eGo charged battery (MEGA battery is 1100mAh, enables over 14 hours). And one full filled cartridge can last about 300 puffs.

I.Base Package:

An eGo-C starter kit includes:  
* 1
eGo-C rubber mouthpiece cover
 * 5 eGo-C atomizer heads
 * 1 eGo-C atomizer Cone Cover
 * 1 eGo-C atomizer base
 * 2 eGo batteries
 * 1 AC-USB adapter
 * 1 eGo USB charger
 * 1 bottle 10ml e-liquid
 * 5 pcs eGo-C blank cartridges

How to use eGo-C changeable e-cigarette

a. Assemble the eGo-C atomizer set:
Step 1: Screw off the eGo-C atomizer base from eGo-C cone cover(if there have cartridge in the eGo-C atomizer cone cover, please take it off first);

assemble eGo-C atomizer base

Step 2: Carefully put the eGo-C atomizer head into the eGo-C atomizer base;

assemble eGo-C atomizer head

Step 3: Screw the eGo-C cone cover with eGo-C atomizer base again.

screw eGo-C atomizer cone cover

b. Screw the eGo-C atomizer set with the eGo battery:

crew and connect the eGo-C atomizer set with the  eGo battery, then they will be stand-by state.

assemble eGo-C with eGo battery

c. Uncover the eGo-C blank cartridge:

Step 1: Cut the plastic package;
Step 2: Take off the cartridge rubber cap.

open eGo-C cartridge

d. Fill the e-liuid:
Step 1: Take out the bottle lid;
Step 2: cut off the top of bottle;
Step 3: Drip the e-liquid to the cartridge until full (Or you can draw the e-liquid inside the syringe and fill the e-liquid to the blank cartridge);
Step 4: Cover the cartridge rubber cap again.

How to fill e-liquid to the eGo-C tank cartridge

e. Put the filled cartridge into the eGo-C e-cigarette:

put the filled cartridge into the eGo-C

* The eGo-W works only when you press the eGo LED button. Press the LED button and inhale at the same time.

f. Charge the eGo-C battery:

     You just screw the eGo battery with the USB charger, then plug it into the PC or AC-USB Adapter. 1. the first charge should be kept for 8 hours, even if the LED light turns green. 2. Use for 20 minutes., 3. Charge the battery for another 1 hour. Your eGo battery is ready for normal using now. The normal charging time should be kept for 3 hours( even if the LED light turns green).

Charge the eGo-C battery

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