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             This is a 510 cartomizer disposable electronic cigarette, all of parts can be compared with the standard BE510/Joye510 e-cig.


One 510 disposable e-cigarette starter kit includes:
        --one Mini e Cigarette Battery (BE510) (can be reusable)
        --three eGo|510 Disposable Filled Cartomizer ( pre-filled cartridge with atomizers)
        -- one
BE510 USB charger(can be reusable)


1. How to use 510 Cartomizer disposable e-cig:


a.       Remove the 510 cartomizer’s rubber cover 

A 510 cartomizer is one piece cartridge and atomizer contained in a single unit.. It holds about 1ml e-liquid, this means less time refilling and more time enjoying!


setup 510 disposable cartomizer


b.       Screwing the 510 mini e-cigarette battery

Screw and connect the 510 mini e-cigarette battery with the 510 disposable

cartomizer, then will be stand-by state.


Screwing the 510 mini e-cigarette battery


c.       Push the manual button, and enjoy it

Push the 510 battery manual button for no longer than 5 seconds to avoid overheating of

the 510 cartomizer, and at the same time, our battery will start protection circuit,

LED light flashes 4 tims and shut down the power, you need to wait 3 seconds

for working again.


510 manual button


d.       Charge the 510 mini e cigarette battery

You need to charge the 510 battery when the battery LED flashes 8 times and the

circuit stops working no smoke production. To charge the battery, you just screw

the battery with the USB charger (or you can use 510 AC charger too), just a

second, the battery LED will flash 3 timeres, then the charger indicator light will

turn red from the green. The battery is fully charging when the indicator light turns

green from red again.


Charge 510 battery


2. How to fill|re-fill the e-liquid to the 510 blank/empty/old cartomizer:


One new blank/empty 510 cartomizer holds about 1ml e-liquid, but we suggest you do not fill more 0.9ml e-cigarette liquid one time, and if your old 510 cartomier still can work,  you can refill the e-liquid again too, for one old 510 cartomizer, please do not fill more 0.4ml one time.


a.       Remove the 510 cartomizer’s rubber cover 


A 510 cartomizer is one piece cartridge and atomizer contained in a single unit, for filling the e-cigarette e-liquid, you need to remove the 510 cartomizer’s rubber cover first.

how to fill the 510 cartomizer

b.  Take out the 510 cartomizer’s cover 


After remove the 510 cartomizer’s rubber cover, you can find there has a plastic white cartomizer cover (not gold parts) on the top of the cartomizer, take out it.

refill 510 cartomizer(cartridge)


c.  Take out the 510 cartomizer’s rubber washer 

After take off the cartomizer’s cover, you still need to take out the rubber washer.

refill the 510 old cartomizer 


d.  Fill the e-cigarette liquid to the 510 cartomizer 

Now, you can draw the E-liquid inside the syringe, put the syringe into the side(notice: not the center) of the 510 cartomizer.


fill e-liquid to the 510 cartomizer


e.  Re-put the parts into the 510 cartomizer 

Reput the rubber washer to the filled 510 cartomizer, the plastic cartomizer cover, the new filled 510 cartromizer is finished now.

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