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Thank you for using BestEcig Mini E-cigarette BE401!

I. Base packaging:

a. Mini E-cigarette BE401 starter kit including:

b. Mini E-cigarette BE103 optional accessories:

II. How to use.

a. Screwing the 401 super mini e cigarette battery:
Screw and connect the mini e cigarette battery with the mini e cigarette atomizer,then will be stand-by state.

b. Uncover the 401 super mini e cigarette cartridge:
Step 1: Cut the e-cartridge PE package;
Step 2: Remove the e-cartridge cover.

mini cigarette_setup_pic

c. Put the 401 super mini e-cigarette cartridge into the mini e-cigarette atomizer.

Step1: Screw down the old inhaler and pull out.

Step2: Put the new e-cartridge into the mini e cigarette.

mini e cigarette setup_pic
d. Charge the 401 super mini e cigarette battery
You need change the battery when the battery LED flash 8 times and the circuit stops working no smoke production. To charge the mini e-cigarette battery, you just screw the mini e-cigarette battery with the special charger, just a second, the battery LED will be flashed 3 times, then the charger indicator light will turns red from the green. The mini e-cigarette battery is fully charger wehn the indicator light turns green from red again.  The charging time for the regular use should be 2.5-3 hours. The charger works with the normal voltage at 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

mini e cigarette setup_pic4

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