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       The atomized cartridge(E-liquid) is designed according to Nicotine replacement therapy recommended by Word Health Organization(WHO).It will let smokers gradually step-down the quantity of nicotine they absorbed.It is recommended that users try the cartridge starting with he cartridge without nicotine,and then realize the painless abstention via nicotine descending method as long as finding out the suitable nicotine content.
Four-step method of abstention from smoking
  • Step 1:Use the cartridge with extra high or high nicotine content for 6 weeks by normal smoking habit;
  • Step 2:Use the cartridge with medium nicotine content for 12 weeks by normal smoking habit;
  • Step 3:Use the cartridge with low nicotine content for 4 weeks by normal smoking habit;
  • Step 4:Finally, use the cartridge without nicotine for 2 weeks to achieve the goal of smoke abstention.   
This method applies to people who have strong desire to quit smokingThe feels and time of every step may be different according to different people

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